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Social Studies

Les Cantines du Monde by Rachel Sabre

In this activity, students research photos of typical school lunches from around the world. They select five photos and upload them to VoiceThread, name the country and describe each photo. Finally, students upload a photo of their own typical lunch and describe it. They discuss what foreign lunch they like best and why, along with what changes they could make to their own lunch to make it more healthy. This is an end of unit assessment.

Suicide Scenarios - 9th Grade Health by Mr. Carriere

This module serves as a lifelike simulation for Health students who need to make critical decisions in real life situations.

6th Grade - African Vocabulary by Julie Williams

Sixth grade students showcase their vocabulary learning through poetry as relates to Africa and African culture.

Our Community by Jasmane Frans

Second-grade students participated in a global project about communities with 10 other schools. Sao Paola, a school in Brazil led the project.

8th Grade - The Human Spirit - From Roberta

Students discuss what the "human spirit" means.

The Silk Road - from Constance Vidor

This VoiceThread provides a scaffolding for research and active engagement with an important topic of world history.

Digital storytelling - Abraham Lincoln's dog, Fido, from Clare Caddell

VoiceThread brought a little-known story about Lincoln to life, with images as well as voice. It was created in response to my second and third graders, who wanted to know more about Lincoln's dog, Fido.

History Podcast with secondary-ed students from Laurie Cohen

This project gives students an opportunity to be creative while demonstrating their content knowledge and technological skills. After developing the Lesson Plan and creating this sample, our US History teacher loved it for his class. He is using it in the 10th grade class.

5th Grade - Ellis Is. Narratives from Barbara De Santis

I wanted this project to enable the students to truly feel the immigrant experience. While primary documents are always in their textbook, there is seldom time to closely examine the images looking for clues to foster understanding.

3rd Grade - School Community from Trish Harrison

The objective was for students to learn to express values while looking at different communities. They practiced discussion; brainstorming; writing down ideas; using ideas in small-group talk as conversations.

11th Grade - Reconstruction from Molly Lynde

This is a great VoiceThread foremost because my students were actively engaged and finished with a clearer understanding of what the post Civil War era was really about... they no longer thought of a "universal freed slave" dancing in the street.

4th Grade - Letters from the Internment Camps

In this VoiceThread, students explore an historical event that is relevant to their physical community, the removal of Japanese-Americans to internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.